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Blue-Green Algae Workshop


Tuesday 31st March – Rising temperatures and their influence on ‘algae’ blooms; emphasis on the cyanobacteria (blue-greens) with Shirley French and Queen’s students, Allen Tian & Eden Hataley.  You may have noticed worrisome ‘algae’ blooms in our surrounding waterways over the past several years, they have also been in the news. The concern is; when is it safe to swim in a lake or let our pets drink the water?  Is that bloom producing a toxin?  That last question can only be answered through more in-depth testing and the students will share some of their research findings on this topic.  In this workshop we will also cover the identification of 5-6 main types of cyanobacteria (blue-greens) that we can look for and some of the algae & cyanos that indicate healthy waterways.  For $18/person you get a Foldscope (pocket microscope & LED magnifier) for quick and easy viewing of bloom organisms. Cost is $8/person without a Foldscope. Registration is essential since there is space for 35 participants. Where: CRCA Outdoor Centre, West Hall, 1641 Perth Rd., Glenburnie.  Time: 1:30 to 3:30 pm, March 31, 2020. When you register with shirleyfrenchka at gmail.com, let me know if you intend to take home a Foldscope.