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Amherstview Sewage Lagoons

Thanks to an agreement with Loyalist Township, KFN members are permitted to enter the Amherstview Sewage Lagoons property to do nature observation during daylight hours. Access to this location is a privilege. This is an operational facility not a public park. Entry is only through the gate on the SOUTH side of the property, at the end of Amherstview Golf Course Road. There is a lock on the gate; the code and other details on how to enter the site and observation recommendations can be obtained from Kurt Hennige (kjhennige [at] gmail [dot] com), or from Anthony Kaduck (kaduckintransit at googlemail.com). Please DO NOT climb over the gate and please carry your KFN membership certificate in case you are asked by Township officials to confirm that you are a KFN member.

Following these guidelines will ensure that Loyalist Township continues to allow KFN members to enter.

Red-necked Phalarope, Amherstview Sewage Lagoons, 2020. Photo copyright Anthony Kaduck