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Special Projects

There are many ways in which the KFN strives to achieve its objectives: through our general meetings, with speakers on a wide range of subjects; numerous field trips and rambles; ambitious programs for juniors and teens; acquisition and management of the Helen Quilliam Sanctuary and Martin Edwards Nature Reserve; environmental action and active support of conservation efforts; publication of the KFN Newsletter and our quarterly journal, the Blue Bill; and the maintenance and reporting of bird records. We also initiate special projects to meet specific needs, and encourage members to participate in environmental projects initiated by federal, provincial or other agencies.

Amherst Island

Amherst Island is a globally significant Important Bird Area, home to some of the largest concentrations of breeding grassland birds in Canada, and a world-renowned site for observing concentrations of wintering hawks and owls. Being along the north shore of Lake Ontario, it is also part of a natural flyway of millions of birds each year. … Read more

Censuses and Surveys

KFN Spring and Fall Roundups Starting in 1960 groups of members have taken part in competitions in May and November to find the most bird species within a 50 km radius of Kingston in a 24-hour period. At the end the participants would tally the results, and award the Art Bell trophy to the team … Read more

Nest Boxes and Nesting Platforms

Wood Duck Nest Boxes: Wood Duck nest boxes have been installed in the Helen Quilliam Sanctuary and are cleaned out by the KFN teen members every two years. Ducks Unlimited plans to install wood duck boxes in the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area and the KFN have agreed to help with installation and monitoring of … Read more

Atlases and Inventories

Breeding Bird Atlas of Ontario Project (2001-2005): The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario provides an up-to-date picture of the distribution of the province’s nesting birds, at a level of detail that has never before been feasible. The Atlas is filled with maps and information about the birds of Ontario. The maps and data … Read more

Monitoring Programs

Forest Breeding Birds Monitoring Program (Possibly Inactive) Began in Ontario in 1987 to provide information on population trends and habitat associations of birds that breed in the forest interior. Sites consist of three to five stations in small to large woodlands. Volunteers perform 10 minute point counts at each station twice in June, at which … Read more

Habitat Restoration Sites

Loggerhead Shrike Habitat Restoration Sites: As previously, the Loggerhead Shrike is in danger of extirpation in our region, largely due to habitat loss and degradation. In October 1996, a field trip was organized by Chris Grooms, George Vance and Anne Robertson to improve the habitat in one of the known shrike nesting areas. KFN adult … Read more

Property Monitoring Projects

The Owl Woods of Amherst Island Amherst Island has, for many years, been noted for its wintering hawks and owls, and this area in particular, became well known for its concentration of northern owl species, particularly in those years when food supplies (small mammals) in the north were scarce, while there was an abundance here. … Read more

KFN Scholarship Fund

Student Fund Established by the Kingston Field Naturalists for Queen’s University Biological Station The Kingston Field Naturalists’ Fund for Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) was established in spring 2007 in memory of Dr. Robert Stewart, former Head of Microbiology at Queen’s University, former KFN President and Honorary President, and former President of the Federation of … Read more

Below is a list of projects which the KFN, or its individual members, have undertaken, or in which we expect to be involved in the future.

Scholarship Fund

  • KFN Fund for Queen’s University Biological Station Scholarship

Property Monitoring

  • Owl Woods, Amherst Island
  • Evan’s Woods
  • Lost Bay Nature Reserve
  • Mitchell Creek
  • Greenwood Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Roziland Island

Habitat Restoration

  • Loggerhead Shrike

Monitoring Programs

  • Marsh Monitoring Program
  • Project FeederWatch

Atlases & Inventories

  • Ontario Tree Atlas
  • Plant Inventoring

Nest Boxes & Platforms

  • Wood Duck
  • Bluebird
  • Osprey
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Saw-whet Owl & Flicker

Censuses and Surveys

  • Short-eared Owl Monitoring
  • KFN Spring & Fall Roundups
  • Christmas Bird Count
  • Red-shouldered Hawk/Spring Woodpecker
  • Fall, Mid-Winter and Spring Waterfowl Counts
  • Wintering Bald Eagle
  • Amphibian Call Counts
  • Black Tern
  • Canadian Lakes Loon
  • Loggerhead Shrike
  • Henslow’s Sparrow
  • Cerulean Warbler
  • Seasonal Migration