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Habitat Restoration Sites

Loggerhead Shrike Habitat Restoration Sites:

As previously, the Loggerhead Shrike is in danger of extirpation in our region, largely due to habitat loss and degradation. In October 1996, a field trip was organized by Chris Grooms, George Vance and Anne Robertson to improve the habitat in one of the known shrike nesting areas. KFN adult and teen members, armed with chain saws, hand saws, pruning shears, etc., braved wet weather to clear trees and pile brush to improve several acres of pasture land for the shrikes to hunt and breed. On 15 November, this year, a second work party organized by the same people, tore down an old page-wire fence and installed a new one to protect another pasture which is a known shrike nesting site. Funding to buy the fencing hardware and install the posts for that project was provided by LaFarge, Canada, but KFN members did most of the work! Shrike habitat maintenance and improvement is an ongoing, annual project.

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