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Sylvester-Gallagher Nature Reserve

The Sylvester-Gallagher Nature Reserve is an 92.5 acres (37 hectare) parcel of forest and grassland, adjacent to the Martin Edward Reserve. It was purchased by the KFN in 2018 from the children and grandchildren of Jack Sylvester thanks to a donation of securities by Emily Sylvester and John Gallagher. Jack Sylvester succeeded in establishing a small wooded area on this property.  It also has some open fields that support several Eastern Meadowlarks and Bobolinks.

The reserve is not open to visitors at the moment. Once a survey has been completed and a management plan adopted we will be able to develop walking trails.

Monarch at Sylvester-Gallagher Reserve – Copyright Paul Mackenzie
Approximate boundaries of Martin Edwards and Sylvester-Gallagher Nature Reserves. Photo copyright Chris Grooms