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Nest Boxes and Nesting Platforms

Wood Duck Nest Boxes:

Wood Duck nest boxes have been installed in the Helen Quilliam Sanctuary and are cleaned out by the KFN teen members every two years. Ducks Unlimited plans to install wood duck boxes in the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area and the KFN have agreed to help with installation and monitoring of the boxes.

KFN contacts: George Vance (Little Cataraqui Creek area); Anne Robertson (Helen Quilliam Sanctuary)

Bluebird Nest Boxes:

The KFN monitors and maintains a trail of about 50 nest boxes and would like to expand this bluebird project. There is great potential in the area, especially on the Napanee Limestone Plain, to help bluebirds with nest sites. Dedicated volunteers willing to be trained and properly run their own trails are sought.

KFN contact: Chris Grooms at groomsc@queensu.ca

Osprey Nesting Platforms:

The KFN has built and erected two osprey nesting platforms on the KFN property on Amherst Island and one platform in the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation area. The KFN has been approached by a regional Girl Guide leader through the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority to suggest a possible osprey nesting platform at Parrott’s Bay. Due to the limestone structure close to the surface at Parrot Bay, funding would be required to rent machinery to dig a hole. A projected $1,000.00 could be raised for the project through “penny guides” collections by the Girl Guides. Watch for further developments in your newsletter.

KFN contact: Diane Lawrence

Peregrine Falcon Nesting Boxes:

The KFN built and installed a Peregrine Falcon nesting box at the OHIP building in 1996, using funds provided by the Environmental Trust of the Ministry of Natural Resources. A second Peregrine nesting box was built and installed at the LaFarge Plant on Highway 33. Responsibility for maintaining these boxes now rests with the MNR, however, KFN members are requested to keep an eye on them and report any sign of falcon interest in them.

KFN contact: Diane Lawrence

Saw-whet Owl and Flicker Nest Boxes:

Two Saw-whet Owl nest boxes and one Flicker nest box were installed in the Helen Quilliam Sanctuary, some time ago. These require periodic maintenance and cleaning.

KFN contact: George Vance