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Field Trip to Lennox GS

Lennox Generating Station (April 14 2019)

By Kurt Hennige

Despite 40 mm rain in the forecast, 29 people gathered in the parking lot at Ontario Power Generation property. Co-leader Mike Farrell, signed us all in and explained the safety regulation to all of us.

While waiting, we watched the pair of Osprey on their nest nearby. Sharp eyes also noticed at least one Northern Rough-winged among some Tree Swallows. Without seeing the resident Peregrine Falcon, we entered the property in the direction of the Wetland.

By carefully approaching the settlings ponds, we got great looks of a male Wood Duck, a single American Coot, many Ring-necked Ducks and even more Buffleheads. On the way to the wetlands we observed Field Sparrow, Eastern Towhee and a group of Cedar Waxwings. At the wetland we admired some Great Blue Herons on their nest, a pair of Northern Pintail, several calling Pied-billed Grebes. An Eastern Phoebe gave us close looks, while Black Ducks and Mallards were flybys. The pair of Northern Shoveler seen earlier in the morning by Mike Farrell did not appear.

As predicted the rain started too soon and with few Ducks visible, the suggestions to walk back to the car and shorten the fieldtrip received no objections.

Back at the parking lot, after most already left the property, the Peregrine Falcon finally decided on a brief Flyby. A total of 38 species were found in the less than 2-hour field trip.

Thank you to Mike Farrell for allowing us to visit the OPG property again.