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Wind Farm Development and the KFN

This page is intended to inform the public and our club members of our thoughts, concerns, research and policy with regard to wind power development. 

While the KFN realizes the need for alternate sources of energy other than carbon based fuels, it is clear that wind farms can also do great harm to the environment, birds and bats, when sited in poor locations. The links below provide access to various documents that inform and reflect some of our work and values. Two wind projects in particular are of major concern to the KFN and are clearly sited in the wrong places. These are Amherst Island and Ostrander Point. Wind development at both these locations will cause undue and possibly extreme habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and bird and bat mortality. The construction of the roads and the opening up of road right-of-ways alone, will double the area currently covered by roads on this small island. This will destroy important habitat for species-at-risk such as whip-poor-wills known to use these hedgerow habitats.

Important Amherst Island Wind Farm Information