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History of the Kingston Field Naturalists

KFN at 70

by Alexandra Simmons The idea of a nature club in Kingston was conceived by George Stirrett in March 1949, and the first general meeting of the Kingston Nature Club (now the Kingston Field Naturalists) took place in November of that year. So we are completing our 70th year this fall! Histories of the KFN at … Read more

History of the KFN 2000-2009

by Erwin Batalla This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Kingston Field Naturalists (originally the Kingston Nature Club). Histories of the KFN were written on our 5th , 25th , 40th and 50th anniversaries, as well as on the occasion of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists conference in Kingston in 1982. … Read more

The Kingston Field Naturalists at 40 Years (1949 to 1989)

by Robert B. Stewart The Kingston Field Naturalists are pleased to host the 58th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists as a part of our celebration of forty years activity as a naturalists organization. While forty seems rather like “just getting started” compared to the Ottawa Field Naturalists who are 110 … Read more