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Avian Influenza Update, February 21, 2024

Flock of Amercian Crows in a tree on a cloudy day by Hilbert on iNaturalist

I’m pleased to say there was good news in the reports I received this week, as the number of  dead geese reported had greatly reduced. However, there were more reports of dead crows, and indications that Avian Influenza might be spreading to wildlife. The Public Works Department had reports of six dead geese last week, … Read more

Part 2: Trees and Shrubs as Natural Food

by Sharon David Introduction In this article I will discuss the trees and shrubs that you can plant in your yard to enhance it’s wildlifeness and which will provide a natural food source for wildlife during the fall and winter months. Many people view trees and shrubs as privacy barriers and shade sources, and often … Read more

Part 1: Attracting Winter Birds and Bird Feeding

Common Redpolls at nyjer feeder.

by Sharon David and John McLaughlin Introduction In this article we discuss the different methods for attracting and keeping birds around during the fall and winter months. The three main things one needs to provide to keep birds during the winter are food, shelter and water. But why feed birds during the winter? Winter brings … Read more

Part 3a: Attracting Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated Hummingbird perched on branch

by Sharon David Introduction In this part of Wildlife In My Backyard I will describe various gardens and flowers needed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your backyard during the upcoming summer months. Gardening for hummingbirds and/or butterflies need not be on a large scale, but could be obtainable on a balcony or in a … Read more

Part 3b: Attracting Butterflies

Painted Lady on Butterfly Bush in garden

by Sharon David Butterflies Some people may not be enthusiastic about attracting butterflies and all of their life cycle stages to their garden, but butterflies add colour, movement and beauty to the garden. They are also beneficial pollinators for many of our favourite flowers. Butterflies are classified under Lepidoptera in the class of insects, and … Read more

Part 4. Nest Boxes and Shelves

Eastern Screech Owl in Wood Duck box.

by Sharon David Introduction Most backyards lack dead trees, also called snags, or damaged live trees, which are needed by cavity nesting birds. But many species can be enticed to nest in your backyard by the placement of nest boxes. In this article I will discuss ways of attracting cavity nesters into nest boxes and … Read more