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Environmental Impact of Third Crossing

The City has been informed that KFN members are concerned about the environmental impact of the work on the Third Crossing.

In response to concerns about the impact on bats of tree removal, and that mitigating bat houses were not going to be installed until the Fall, the City has responded that: As part of our work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry four bat houses are going to be installed on the east shore. Crews will be onsite before May 1 to install the bat houses. Areas of installation have been carefully selected so that the bat houses have the best chance of attracting native bats. The mix of standard and nursery bat houses will be installed in the north side of the meadow on the Pittsburgh Library property in accordance with the Bat House Builder’s Handbook published by Bat Conservation International. A future 18 bat houses are also planned to offset the removal of the 35 snag trees within the east bridge approach. The bat houses are planned on a replacement ratio of 10 bat houses per hectare of impacted woodlands.

We will continue to observe the mitigation measures carried out by the City.