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Blue-Green Algae Workshop Online May 29

The online version of the workshop that was originally planned for March will be available here on May 29.

Link to BGA Workshop Part 1- Research and Observations Video

Link to Identifying BGAs Video

Holly Evans of CRCA shared the follwing link (http://www.ces.fau.edu/usgs/understanding-algae/index.php) on the topic of water quality issues in Florida. It is a set of 5 short videos about algae, their role in ecosystems, and what types of algae blooms can be problematic. 

The online presentation that will be out on May 29th (note the change in date) will be a look at  local blue-green algae blooms.  Allen Tian and Eden Hataley have been researching the blue-green algae (aka cyanobacteria) blooms in Dog Lake, along the CRCA watershed. Shirley French participated in the sampling and examined samples for the type of algae/cyanobacteria. We are looking forward to sharing their research.

Tuesday 31st March – Rising temperatures and their influence on ‘algae’ blooms; emphasis on the cyanobacteria (blue-greens) with Shirley French and Queen’s students, Allen Tian & Eden Hataley.  You may have noticed worrisome ‘algae’ blooms in our surrounding waterways over the past several years, they have also been in the news. The concern is; when is it safe to swim in a lake or let our pets drink the water?  Is that bloom producing a toxin?  That last question can only be answered through more in-depth testing and the students will share some of their research findings on this topic.  In this workshop we will also cover the identification of 5-6 main types of cyanobacteria (blue-greens) that we can look for and some of the algae & cyanos that indicate healthy waterways.  For $18/person you get a Foldscope (pocket microscope & LED magnifier) for quick and easy viewing of bloom organisms. Cost is $8/person without a Foldscope. Registration is essential since there is space for 35 participants. Where: CRCA Outdoor Centre, West Hall, 1641 Perth Rd., Glenburnie.  Time: 1:30 to 3:30 pm, March 31, 2020. When you register with shirleyfrenchka at gmail.com, let me know if you intend to take home a Foldscope.