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Checklists & Species Reporting Forms

Trumpeter Swans at Lower Brewer’s Mills, White-crowned Sparrow at Sandhurst Shores, Dunlin on Amherst Island. (c)Anthony Kaduck


iNaturalist is a great place to upload and share your general observations – particularly those not covered below. Please visit the KFN iNaturalist Projects to view our ongoing and time-restricted (e.g. BioBlitzes) projects. Any observations you add to iNaturalist that meets the requirements will automatically be added to the appropriate project. The location of some Species at Risk is obscured by default, but you can also choose to obscure it for other reasons such as private property. You may also be interested in these other iNaturalist projects:

  • the NHIC Project, the recognised body for assimilation of SAR data in Ontario.


Bird checklists for the Kingston area and the Rare Bird Reporting Form:

KFN Bird Checklist [PDF]

KFN Bird Checklist (Condensed) [PDF]

KFN Bird Rarity Form [PDF]

White Admiral, Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Hummingbird Clearwing (c)Anthony Kaduck


Please see the Butterflies of the Kingston Study Area page for a list and more information on butterflies.

See the Moths and Moth watching in the Kingston Area page for more information on moths.

Visit the Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Kingston Area page for a list and more information on odonata.

Other Lists

Lichen Checklist [PDF]