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Report on Little Cataraqui Creek Wetland, West Side, Front Road to Bath Road
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Copies of Report on Little Cataraqui Creek Wetland, West Side, Front Road to Bath Road, 2004 may be accessed at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and Queen’s University Libraries. Copies can be purchased from Kingston Field Naturalists. $20 paper copy or $5 CD. Contact the President

Wind Power on Amherst Island

Industrial Wind

Despite objections from many organizations, in August 2015 the Ontario Government approved an industrial wind project on Amherst Island. The KFN supports the need to find clean, renewable sources of energy but is opposed to this project and others which are sited in areas where they will have a disproportionately large impact on the natural environment. Unfortunately under current legislation it is extremely difficult to effectively oppose renewable energy projects, and despite considerable efforts by local residents, the KFN and other concerned parties the project was completed. The Amherst Island Important Bird Area (IBA) is now graced with a large number of wind turbines and their associated infrastructure.