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Review of Endangered Species Act

The Ontario Government is reviewing the Endangered Species Act, and there is cause for concern. Please see information from Ontario Nature below and consider signing petition.

Bill 66

CHANGES TO PLANNING LEGISLATION In December the Ontario Government introduced Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act – in the Legislature. Among the many proposals in the Bill, are changes to the Province’s planning legislation that could negate some of the environmental protections that naturalist organizations and individuals have fought for in the past. Municipalities … Read more

Bioblitz date announced!

The 2019 Bioblitz will be held June 14-15.  Watch the events calendar for more details to come soon!

Belle Park Master Plan

The City of Kingston is undergoing a major  planning exercise to determine the future of Belle Park.  Another public survey is available online until December 27.  We encourage you to read about the project and fill out the survey.  KFN believes this is an excellent opportunity to protect and expand some wild space in the … Read more


There is a proposal to allow an open season on cormorants.  The KFN thinks this is a bad idea for several reasons.  We have submitted a response to the government’s EBR registry to voice our concern.  We encourage you to do the same.  This is a test to see how a post appears!

List of Past KFN Presidents

KFN Presidents by YearY 1949-51 George Stirrett 1951-52 Art Bell 1952-53 Art Hyde 1953-54 Ken Edwards 1954-55 Bob Stewart 1955-56 Alden Strong 1956-58 Martin Edwards 1958-59 Al Warren 1959-60 Walter Lamb 1960-61 Ann Hutchison 1961-62 Lew Lowther 1962-64 Helen Quilliam 1964-65 Gilbert Hill 1965-67 Jim McCowan 1967-69 Fred Cooke 1969-71 Bob Stewart 1971-73 Pip Nation … Read more

Tessa Clarke Property

Barred Owl at Tessa Clarke Property Ramble

by A lovely autumn day greeted the participants of this ramble to the property of Tessa Clarke near Kingston Mills. The group explored a few trails on the property, led, of course, by Tessa Clarke herself. From Ester’s Rock–named after Colonel By’s wife–we could see Langmuir spirals on Colonel By lake, and the amazing fall … Read more

History of the KFN 2000-2009

by Erwin Batalla

This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Kingston Field Naturalists (originally the Kingston Nature Club). Histories of the KFN were written on our 5th , 25th , 40th and 50th anniversaries, as well as on the occasion of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists conference in Kingston in 1982.

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The Kingston Field Naturalists at 50 (1949 to 1999)

by Mike Evans

In its fiftieth year, the Kingston Field Naturalists is pleased to host for the sixth time the annual conference of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists. The last occasion on which the conference was held in Kingston marked the KFN’s fortieth anniversary. The special edition of The Blue Bill published for that conference included a history of the club’s first forty years written by Dr. Bob Stewart. (1) It was on November 24th, 1949, that nine people attended the inaugural meeting of what was first known as the Kingston Nature Club.

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The Kingston Field Naturalists at 40 Years (1949 to 1989)

by Robert B. Stewart

The Kingston Field Naturalists are pleased to host the 58th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists as a part of our celebration of forty years activity as a naturalists organization. While forty seems rather like “just getting started” compared to the Ottawa Field Naturalists who are 110 years this year and the McIlwraith Club of London who will celebrate their 100th anniversary next year, we are nevertheless proud of our accomplishments during our brief history.

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