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Impact of Tannery Development

Open houses will be held on the proposed development of the former Davis Tannery Property situated along the Cataraqui River at Rideau and River streets. They are: Thurs, Dec 5, 4:30 – 6:30, Memorial Hall, City Hall Tues, Dec 10, 6:30 – 8:30, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 560 on Montreal St. opp the entry to … Read more

Chance for Input on Third Crossing Environmental Impact

The City of Kingston and project partners on the Third Crossing project have released their Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) that will be submitted to Parks Canada for project approval. The public is encouraged to offer input on this important document that outlines construction details and the impact on wildlife, culture, water quality and more. The … Read more

Field Trip to Lennox GS

Lennox Generating Station (April 14 2019) By Kurt Hennige Despite 40 mm rain in the forecast, 29 people gathered in the parking lot at Ontario Power Generation property. Co-leader Mike Farrell, signed us all in and explained the safety regulation to all of us. While waiting, we watched the pair of Osprey on their nest … Read more

Environmental Impact of Third Crossing

The City has been informed that KFN members are concerned about the environmental impact of the work on the Third Crossing. In response to concerns about the impact on bats of tree removal, and that mitigating bat houses were not going to be installed until the Fall, the City has responded that: As part of … Read more

Lemoine Point Barn Swallows

The latest news regarding the Lemoine Point Barn Swallow Structure, is that when the CRCA inspected it, they found that a single nest had been used. The CRCA  has decided to leave the Swallow Structure as it is for 2019. Then, if there is no colonization during 2019, they will consider the installation of drop … Read more

Queen’s Fall Fungi Workshop

See attached poster for details on the Fabulous Fall Fungi Workshop being held three week-ends in September and October, or see qubs.ca

Part 4. Nest Boxes and Shelves

Part 4. Nest Boxes and Shelvesby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 31-39.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Cavity Nesters and Nest Boxes | Buying or Building a Birdhouse | Bird House Building Plans | Platform Nesters | Discouraging Predators | References | Other web pages on Bird Houses Introduction Most backyards lack dead trees, also called snags, or damaged live trees, which are needed by cavity nesting … Read more

Part 3b: Attracting Butterflies

Part 3b: Attracting Butterfliesby Sharon David©Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 15-24.Revised December 1999 ©Sharon DavidPrinter friendly PDF version Butterflies | Designing a Butterfly Garden | Final  Note: Pesticide Usage | References | Other Web Pages on Butterflies Butterflies Some people may not be enthusiastic about attracting butterflies and all of their life cycle stages to their garden, but butterflies add colour, movement and beauty to the garden. They … Read more

Part 3a: Attracting Hummingbirds

Part 3a: Attracting Hummingbirdsby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 15-24.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Hummingbirds | Using Feeders | Designing a Hummingbird Garden | References | Other web pages on hummingbirds Introduction In this part of Wildlife In My Backyard I will describe various gardens and flowers needed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your backyard during the upcoming summer months. Gardening for hummingbirds and/or butterflies … Read more

Part 2: Trees and Shrubs as Natural Food

Part 2: Trees and Shrubs as Natural Foodby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1995) Volume 42 No. 4 : 107-113.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Planning Your Layout | Plant Species Summaries | Sources of Plants | References | Suggested Reading | Other web pages on wildlife gardens Introduction In this article I will discuss the trees and shrubs that you can plant in your yard to enhance it’s wildlifeness and … Read more