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Part 4. Nest Boxes and Shelves

Part 4. Nest Boxes and Shelvesby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 31-39.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Cavity Nesters and Nest Boxes | Buying or Building a Birdhouse | Bird House Building Plans | Platform Nesters | Discouraging Predators | References | Other web pages on Bird Houses Introduction Most backyards lack dead trees, also called snags, or damaged live trees, which are needed by cavity nesting … Read more

Part 3b: Attracting Butterflies

Part 3b: Attracting Butterfliesby Sharon David©Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 15-24.Revised December 1999 ©Sharon DavidPrinter friendly PDF version Butterflies | Designing a Butterfly Garden | Final  Note: Pesticide Usage | References | Other Web Pages on Butterflies Butterflies Some people may not be enthusiastic about attracting butterflies and all of their life cycle stages to their garden, but butterflies add colour, movement and beauty to the garden. They … Read more

Part 3a: Attracting Hummingbirds

Part 3a: Attracting Hummingbirdsby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1996) Volume 43 No. 1 : 15-24.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Hummingbirds | Using Feeders | Designing a Hummingbird Garden | References | Other web pages on hummingbirds Introduction In this part of Wildlife In My Backyard I will describe various gardens and flowers needed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your backyard during the upcoming summer months. Gardening for hummingbirds and/or butterflies … Read more

Part 2: Trees and Shrubs as Natural Food

Part 2: Trees and Shrubs as Natural Foodby Sharon David© Blue Bill (1995) Volume 42 No. 4 : 107-113.Printer friendly PDF version Introduction | Planning Your Layout | Plant Species Summaries | Sources of Plants | References | Suggested Reading | Other web pages on wildlife gardens Introduction In this article I will discuss the trees and shrubs that you can plant in your yard to enhance it’s wildlifeness and … Read more

Bill 66

CHANGES TO PLANNING LEGISLATION In December the Ontario Government introduced Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act – in the Legislature. Among the many proposals in the Bill, are changes to the Province’s planning legislation that could negate some of the environmental protections that naturalist organizations and individuals have fought for in the past. Municipalities … Read more

Belle Park Master Plan

The City of Kingston is undergoing a major  planning exercise to determine the future of Belle Park.  Another public survey is available online until December 27.  We encourage you to read about the project and fill out the survey.  KFN believes this is an excellent opportunity to protect and expand some wild space in the … Read more