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Online Research Study Opportunity for Ontario Naturalists

Although most people share some facts about the natural world in common, as individuals, our specific knowledge is constantly changing as we have new experiences and learn new things. Recent work in neuroscience has explored how natural concepts are organized in the brain by comparing the neural representations that correspond to different types of biological information. To continue this line of work, Researchers at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto are looking for volunteers to help with an online study examining how people process and remember biological taxonomies. The current study is seeking participants from two groups: 

1) intermediate or experienced birdwatchers who can identify a range of Ontario bird species

2) anyone with general nature-related interests but without any particular bird ID experience (beyond common backyard birds) 

* The study takes about 1 hr but can be completed online whenever is convenient. Participants will receive a  $10 e-gift card. 

* Eligibility: Ontario residents ages 18-85.  For more information, please contact Kenny Trinh at ktrinh@research.baycrest.org