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Lemoine Point Barn Swallows

The latest news regarding the Lemoine Point Barn Swallow Structure, is that when the CRCA inspected it, they found that a single nest had been used. The CRCA  has decided to leave the Swallow Structure as it is for 2019. Then, if there is no colonization during 2019, they will consider the installation of drop sides (4ft) for the 2020 season, to see if the extra shade/privacy makes the structure more attractive to Barn Swallows.

We are setting up an informal monitoring of the Swallow Structure by KFN members again this year.

Everybody is invited to participate. – Just send me Chris Hargreaves an email telling him whether you see any Barn Swallows at Lemoine Point, whether they showed any interest in the Swallow Structure, and the approximate time of your observations.

He will then produce a weekly report, and send it to everybody who sends me their observations, and/or asks to receive a copy of the report. Reach Chris at hargreavescp@sympatico.ca.