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Kingston Area Birds: 5-25 June 2021

Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) maintains records in a 50km radius of
MacDonald Park, Kingston. Birders using eBird are encouraged to share their
sightings with ‘Kingston FN’. Alternatively, please email or send records
directly to me – contact details below. Please note that some sightings may
require review and remain unconfirmed unless stated otherwise. Species
underlined in bold type require completion of a rare bird report available
on the KFN website or directly from me. If indicated, an OBRC report may be
required instead (http://www.ofo.ca/site/Obrcreport).


Summer has arrived but several great observations were still reported this
week including a Little Blue Heron and Yellow-breasted Chat. The Prince
Edward Chuck-will’s-Widow also continued at Hill Top Road. Here are the
highlights of the past week:

BRANT – a flock of 35 birds at Cataraqui Bay, Kingston, on 11th were on the
late side.

CHUCK-WILL’S-WIDOW (OBRC report required) – outside the area at Hill Top
Road, Prince Edward, the individual that first showed up in 2014 continues
to be heard.

WILSON’S PHALAROPE – with fewer people visiting the number of sightings has
dropped off but birds continued at the known breeding location of Martin
Edwards Reserve, Amherst Island, throughout the period.

LITTLE BLUE HERON (OBRC report required) – this bird was last seen at Howe
Island on 7th.

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK – a single bird was seen near Lower Brewer’s on 20th.

BLACK TERN – Camden Lake remains the best place to see this species locally.

RED-HEADED WOODPECKER – birds were noted at Frontenac Provincial Park and
Wilton during the period.

PEREGRINE FALCON – birds were seen at several locations including Bath,
Kingston, Gananoque and Wolfe Island.

LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE – there were only a handful of reports from the known
breeding location of Napanee Limestone Plains IBA with an additional
observation from Odessa, a few kilometres south of the core area.

SEDGE WREN – 1-2 birds continued at Miller Road, near Tamworth, with another
1-2 on Burridge Road, north of Fermoy.

CAROLINA WREN – there were several reports during the period including
continuing birds at Lake Ontario Park and Old Front Road, Kingston, with
additional sightings from Gananoque and just east of Grass Creek Park.

NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD – birds were seen on Amherst Island, at 2 locations in
Kingston, and at Napanee Limestone Plains IBA.

YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT (KFN report required) – the single bird first seen on
Canoe Lake Road on the morning of 4th continued to at least 16th.

ORCHARD ORIOLE – birds were reported from several locations with the most
consistent being Lemoine Point CA, Kingston, the winter ferry dock on Wolfe
Island, and on Amherst Island’s south shore.

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH – 2 birds were noted at the known location of Canoe
Lake Road on 25th. CERULEAN WARBLER – by far the best place to catch up with
this species is Frontenac Provincial Park.

In order to minimise disturbance to wildlife and property in the recording
area, Kingston Field Naturalists has adopted the KFN Sensitive Sightings Policy. Please note that
you must be a card-carrying member of Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN), or
be accompanied by a member, to access both the Martin Edwards Reserve and
Amherstview Sewage Lagoons. Permits are being checked on a regular basis at

As always, a big thank you goes to all those who have submitted sightings
directly or via eBird.


Mark D. Read

337 Button Bay Road,

Wolfe Island,

Kingston, Ontario

K0H 2Y0