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Kingston Area Birds 25 June – 1 July 2022

Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) maintain records in a 50km radius of MacDonald Park, Kingston. Birders using eBird are encouraged to share their sightings with ‘Kingston FN’. Alternatively, please email  records directly to me – contact details below. Please note that some sightings may require review and remain unconfirmed unless stated otherwise. Species in bold type require completion of a rare bird report available on the KFN website or directly from me. If indicated, an OBRC report may be required instead (http://www.ofo.ca/site/Obrcreport).

Note: After this issue the weekly reports will be paused until August, when we should start to see some movement of returning migrants. In the interim any rarities that appear will be reported on the usual channels: the OFO Discord server and eBird Rare Bird Alerts.


A quiet week with no new arrivals. Here are the highlights:

SURF SCOTER – one still hanging around as of 1 July at Prince Edward Point.

WHITE-WINGED SCOTER – five to twelve have been seen every day up to 1 July at Prince Edward Point.

LEAST BITTERN – three were observed at a restricted site in L&A on 29 June, as well as one on Gananoque Lake on the 26th. Birds continue to be seen at Moscow Marsh, and two were seen and photographed at Camden Lake on 29 June.

TRICOLORED HERON – the long-staying bird was last seen at Perch River WMA on 24 June.

RED-HEADED WOODPECKER – two continuing on  James Wilson Road, observed on 27 June.

YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER – one was seen while canoeing on Gananoque Lake on 28 June.

PHILADELPHIA VIREO – one was seen and heard during an off-road point count in Atlas Square 18TUQ52 on 29 June.

FISH CROW – The downtown Kingston birds were seen on 28 June.

SEDGE WREN – one bird was singing north of Moscow on 30 June. Sadly while it was being observed the farmer started cutting the field.

ORCHARD ORIOLE – the regular two at Lemoine Point continued up to 1 July. The continuing bird at Willowbank (west of Gananoque) was seen on 27 June,  and one was observed at Lanes End Park on Amherst Island on 26 June.

PRAIRIE WARBLER – six were counted on Fishing Lake Road on the 28th.

In order to minimise disturbance to wildlife and property in the recording area, Kingston Field Naturalists has adopted the KFN Sensitive Sightings Policy. Please note that you must be a card-carrying member of Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN), or be accompanied by a member, to access both the Martin Edwards Reserve and Amherstview Sewage Lagoons. Permits are being checked on a regular basis at Amherstview and those without are being evicted. KFN members wishing to enter the Invista property must enter through the west gate and show their membership card to security.

As always, a big thank you goes to all those who have submitted sightings directly or via eBird.


N. Anthony Kaduck

Kingston, Ontario

Email: kaduckintransit « at » googlemail.com