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Fall Roundup 2020

Short-eared Owl. Copyright Janis Grant

By Erwin Batalla

The format for the 55th KFN Fall Round-up was the same as last year, with the focus on obtaining a better picture of the birds in the whole study area in early November.  Birds were recorded between noon Friday November 6 and noon Sunday November 8.

Following the trend in the past few years, birders alone or in very small groups visited locations near Kingston.  Most checklists were submitted for two counties: Frontenac and Lennox and Addington.  Few people visited Prince Edward Point, a marked departure from past practices.  The weather was fabulous throughout the 48 hours period.  Temperatures hovered near 20 C, setting local all-time records.

The most unusual find was a Common Nighthawk seen by Wallace and Karen Rendell near Ellisville.  This bird broke the record for the latest sighting of this species by two weeks.  Other findings of note were:

Snow Goose by Ken Edwards on Amherst Island

11 Cackling Geese by Mark Read on Wolfe Island

Blue-winged Teal by Phil Harvey on the K&P trail

Canvasback by Mark Read on Wolfe Island

4 White-winged Scoters by Ken Edwards on Amherst Island

5 Black-bellied Plovers by Kevin Bleeks at Martin Edwards reserve

American Woodcock by Barbara O’Neill near Marble Rock

Lesser Black-backed Gull by Erwin Batalla, Alexandra Simmons and Jane Revell at Cataraqui Bay

Turkey Vulture by Tom Wheatley near Tamworth

Eastern Screech Owl by Peter Waycik on Howe Island

Snowy Owl by Paul Mackenzie, John Licharson and Janis Grant at Prince Edward Point

Snowy Owl. Copyright John Licharson

Barred Owl by Steve Coates at Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Barred Owl. Copyright Steve Coates

12 Short-eared Owls by Anthony Kaduck, Cecile Yarrow and Jon Ruddy on Amherst Island

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Linda Nuttall and Mark Chojnacki near Bedford Mills

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Copyright LInda Nuttall

Tufted Titmouse by Sharon David and Peter Waycik on Howe Island

Tufted Titmouse. Copyright Peter Waycik

Horned Larks, missed last year, where seen by everyone, everywhere

Ruby-crowned Kinglet by Kathy Webb and William Depew at Gananoque Prov. Wildlife Area

Carolina Wren by Chip Weseloh on Garden Island

Gray Catbird by Cole Gaerber at Marshlands Conservation Area

Eastern Bluebirds by Gaye Beckwith and Jane Revell on the mainland and Howe Island

Eastern Bluebird. Copyright Jane Revell

Pine Grosbeak by Paul Martin near Glenburnie

Hoary Redpoll by Mark Read at Big Sandy Bay Management Area

Red Crossbills by Todd Norris near Verona

White-winged Crossbill by Martin Roncetti in Kingston

Savannah Sparrow by Dianne Croteau and Richard Brault at Martin Edwards Reserve

American Redstart by Kathy Webb and William Depew at Millburn Creek

American Redstart. Copyright Kathy Webb

Northern Parula by Phil Harvey at Lemoine Point Conservation Area

Northern Parula. Copyright Phil Harvey

South of the border, a Pectoral Sandpiper was found at the El Dorado Nature Reserve.

Contrary to last year, Common Redpolls, Evening Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins were reported at several locations this year.  They may be present throughout the winter.