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Pictorial Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of the Kingston Region

By John Poland

This small pictorial guide is designed to fit in a pocket and be carried when out walking or hiking. The book contains photographs of all the butterflies currently found within a 50 km radius of Kingston together with 22 other species that one may come across. Butterflies are colour-coded to signify their abundance. The book is available from the author at 613-384-3157 or by e-mail at or at most KFN meetings. A second book giving details for each butterfly found in the Kingston region is currently in preparation.

For more on Butterflies from John Poland see the Bluebill issues of January 2013, Sept/2012 Wild Indigo Duskywing, and June/2012 Kingston's Migrant Butterflies.

For additional help with Butterflies, see the website on the Butterflies of Ottawa-Gatineau.