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Project Descriptions - Monitoring

Forest Breeding Birds Monitoring Program

Began in Ontario in 1987 to provide information on population trends and habitat associations of birds that breed in the forest interior. Sites consist of three to five stations in small to large woodlands. Volunteers perform 10 minute point counts at each station twice in June, at which time all birds are identified by song or sight. Volunteers can cover pre-selected sites or set up their own.

KFN contacts: Ron Weir or Gary Ure

Marsh Monitoring Program:

See Blue Bill, Volume 43, No.4, December, 1996, page 172 for information on this project.

KFN contact: Gary Ure

Project FeederWatch:

FeederWatch participants record the maximum number of individuals for each species seen at their feeder on count days (any two consecutive days in each two week period from November through March). The amount of time spent watching your feeder on your count days is up to you. A special Project FeederWatch Goes to School package is available for teachers. The current registration fee for participants is $20.

KFN contact: Jesse Deslauriers