Kingston Field Naturalists
Rare Birds Committee of the Kingston Field Naturalists

The bird records file of the Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN — Kingston Nature Club prior to 1963) began in 1947 and this file has been augmented faithfully to this day with many hundreds of thousands of entries that include sight records, evidence of breeding birds, egg and brood dates, information on specimen evidence that consists of both carcasses and photographs. The ongoing projects of the KFN continue to ensure that updated information is added to the file. These archives are rich with data that help paint a picture of the occurrence, abundance and frequency of occurrence of the 381 bird species known for the Kingston region up to 2013.

This wealth of information led the late Helen Quilliam to write in 1972 History of the Birds of Kingston, Ontario, 2nd edition, 210 pp. In that year, she requested that a committee be set up to help her judge the suitability of some sight records for inclusion in her 2nd edition. This was done and the committee became the Rare Birds Committee of the KFN in 1974. Subsequently, the Committee set the standard for the records included in the Birds of the Kingston Region, 608 pp (1989) by Ron Weir and for the new edition published in 2008. To this day, the purposes of the Committee are to (i) serve as the repository for information on specimen evidence, sight records and breeding status of the birds in the Kingston area, (ii) stimulate written reports on appropriate sight records, (iii) assess specimen evidence, sight record reports and breeding documentation, and (iv) advise the KFN Executive on the preparation of checklists.

The Committee would appreciate the help of those observers who find birds denoted by the (a) on the Field Checklist of Birds (2013) by completing and submitting the Rare Bird Reporting Form. These species so designated are rare or accidental in our area. The Field Checklist may be downloaded as a PDF file, as may the Rare Bird Reporting Form.